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War Time

Blog by Patrick O'Donnell PREC* | November 13th, 2012

Fortunate are those that could take the time over the weekend to ‘Remember’ and even more fortunate are those that realize how fortunate we really are to live in Canada.

Most of us when asked to remember a war – we probably talk about the 1st or 2nd World War or maybe Vietnam.  Yet there have literally been hundreds and hundreds of civil conflicts, invasions, revolutions and outbreaks of war that still continue today.  In fact there are so many conflicts in place at this time both religious, tribal & turf that it makes you wonder if we are ever going to have period of peace again.

Yet through every conflict, invasion or war since the 2nd World War – Canada has not once been a party to or a cause of such a period in history.  Hence the reason the government have spent so much money reminding people about the war of 1812. This long period of peace can be attributed to our Government and its people.  Thank You Canada