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Put Your Lights on

Blog by Patrick O'Donnell PREC* | January 2nd, 2010

Happy New Year to everyone.  What a brilliant, relaxing Christmas Holiday. Now the pedal is to the floor for 2010. Talking about driving!! The number of people over the holiday that drove around town without their headlights on, what is that all about?  I have the feeling that many people believe that the headlights come on automatically, I am sure in some cars they do.....not all. Check your lights.

My goal this year is to sell more houses, to stop scaring people on the stepping machine at the gym (I honestly sound like I am having a heart attack and of course with those bloody IPod things on I cannot hear a thing) and to become a little more 'techno' savvy. I may well be 'twitting' or is it 'chirping' my way in to 2010.

Have a great one - all the best

Patrick O'Donnell @ Prudential Sussex