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Blog by Patrick O'Donnell PREC* | January 25th, 2019

Attending the 2019 Banff Western Connection Conference. #futuretrends

It’s important to hit the road running every day of the week, however as agents we often forget to pick our head up and observe the changing landscape. Before you realise it, we are behind the times and your agent of choice is no longer able to place you in the right place at the right time.  Trust me… that will not happen here.

While in Banff, I had a delivery to Vancouver from Amazon.  I shared with them my cars GPS location, they texted when they arrived at my car #YVR, I unlocked the car remotely and locked it again after I had signed on line.

Dash buttons #amazon can now be placed next to your groceries.  As your cornflakes go low, or God Forbid you run out of toilet paper… your dash button detects low inventory and orders further supplies to keep you stocked, with an arrival the next day!

Coming to a fridge near you… your very own #Paddydash. You have a question about Real Estate, hit the dash button or connect via Alexa and connect with me to receive an immediate text or WhatsApp answer.

Ladies & Gents, your next dinner party – make it a Real Estate Themed get together.  Find Prime properties in Cities all over the world.  Estimate sale prices, determine current values or collectively as a team find and defend the best deal on the market today (regardless of location).  Factors to consider, CAP rates (google it), salaries, growth potential, re-sale timing.

Vancouverites have long believed that they Live, Love & know Real Estate better than any other community.  Trade off across Canada, trade off with teams around the world. Do you really have Real Estate in your veins!

Sign up #Paddydash for full details

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