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Lucky are those who are fortunate enough...to know they are fortunate enough.

Blog by Patrick O'Donnell PREC* | December 23rd, 2009

While flying around West Vancouver today delivering portions of good cheer, my wifes phone rang; it was the brother of a good friend from Ireland.  His sisters baby was due at the beginning of January, unfortunately the baby died. I cannot imagine two days before Chrstimas having to suffer the loss of a child. Needless to say no more cheer was delivered.
Nothing can be said to comfort someone at a time like this, I am not an overly religious person, but if you read this, look upwards and say a wee prayer for those less fortunate.

Keep things in prospective over the next week or so, breath deeply and be sure to say 'thank you'. Here's a thought, imagine knocking on the neighbours door and wishing them a merry Christmas?

To all the people that I have sold houses to and sold homes for, a massive thank you. I am sure we will have a chat and a cup of tea in the New Year.

Keep all your receipts, 'Re Give' where possible and save your money.

A Very Merry Christmas - all the best - Patrick